“And that’s how you put on the best No Prep event anywhere folks! Thanks for coming, and competitors…take notes!”


OK, so *maybe* that’s a bit much…but it’s not far off.  What more can I say?  Anarchy has raised the bar (yet again) on how great a No Prep event can be!!  That may sound like a cocky statement, but remember–it ain’t bragging mfr if you back it up!!
Anarchy 2k19.2 is officially in the books, and as they say in the movie biz–that’s a wrap!!  We had many of the baddest racers in the Midwest, as well as some seriously major players that hailed from South Dakota, Arizona and Texas!  As “Head Race Puter Onner”, I could not be more pleased with the event as a whole.  The whole Anarchy team performed flawlessly, and they deserve to be recognized first and foremost!

Management & Logistics: 

–Nick, handling logistics and working feverishly to keep the masses updated, both on FB as well as the new text update system (GAME CHANGER btw).
–Mark, organizing and rounding up all of the motorcycles and keeping them ready to go.
–Jimmy, keeping the staging lanes racked up and rolling (despite me stealing Luke a few times!)
–Luke, making sure the cars were grouped properly before sending them forward (and being my gopher)

(Special thanks to Mike Sarauer for coordinating Extreme Bike)
(Special thanks to Eric Flitsch for coordinating Old School)
(Special thanks to Steve Adams for helping Mark with the bikes)
Line:  Amanda (Mama Bear), Chaz, Chris, John, Ted, Lindsay, Kenny, Mike, Kevin and Adam
Merch: Rebecca, Jessica, Dylan, Karen

We started Friday with…..a lake.  Torrential rains all weeks flooded the entry way to the track and made entry a bit more interesting than expected.  Luckily, it looked worse than it was, as that is the lowest part of the facility and floods easily.  It also drains out easily, so it no time it was no issue at all.  The racers and fans piled in, and the party got started!!  14 classes worth of exciting action kicked off at 1:00 pm (yes a little late, ripple effect of the aforementioned heavy rains), and from then on it was non stop action!!  There were a couple of timing system issues that required a handful of races to be re-run (not pleased about it, but it happens–gotta roll with it!)  The weather was perfect, the races were safe and largely uneventful and everybody had a GREAT time!!!  Not counting the re-runs, the staff tore through the entire 14 class event in a little over seven hours!!!  If you weren’t there, you missed the smoothest event of the year!

Also, I want to thank the reigning “No Prep Kings” champion, Mike Murillo and fellow NPK racer James Strang for locking in last minute to come race with us.  Both were a long way from home, with Mike hailing from Texas and James from Arizona, and were travelling from the NPK event in Bandimere, Colorado the prior week, to the next NPK event on September 21st in Norwalk, Ohio.  We were conveniently situated along their route, so it was a minor detour to come tangle with our Steamroller racers.  Having these guys was an unexpected treat for the fans that watch them on TV, as well!  Special thanks to Jim Hughes for helping with this!!

NOW, for your Anarchy 2k19.2 class winners–the baddest No Prep racers in the midwest!!

B Class Bike:  Danny Peters
Junior Bike:  Don Anderson
Senior Bike:  Joe Peters (3x in a row!)
Extreme Bike:  Frankie Stotz (2x champ)
Ladies Only:  Emma Ricchio  (PRESENTED BY CAR CHIX)
Old School:  Tom Javan
Heavy Hitter:  Patrick Lynn Jr. (2x in a row!)
220 Hard Tire:  Michael Grossman
275 Drag Radial:  Steve Roden
Junior:  Brandon Mork (2x in a row!) (PRESENTED BY 1320 WHEELS)
Banger:  Daniel Hardt
Gangster 26″:  Justin Cyrnek (2x in a row) (PRESENTED BY CHICAGO INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT)
Senior 28″:  Ryan Hendrickson  (PRESENTED BY MOTION RACEWORKS)

Lastly, I have to thank all of the sponsors that help to make this amazing experience even possible:
Event Sponsor:  Strange Engineering (3x in a row!)
Presenting Sponsors:
-Motion Raceworks–Senior 28″
-Automatic Transmission Design, Steamroller
-Chicago Industrial Equipment,  Gangster 26″ (2x in a row!)
-1320 Wheels, Junior
Contributing sponsors:
-General RV, Huntley
-No Prep Racing
-Redline Powertrain
-Koza Automotive and Performance
-Revolution Racing/Turkey Bash

Thank you to:
-My Anarchy bros–Nick, Mark and Jimmy–Anarchy would not be what it is without you guys!!
-All of the racers that came out and supported Anarchy No Prep
-The fans that ignored the fearful “ZOMG the track is flooded” talk and witnessed No Prep history-Great Lakes Dragaway and staff (special thanks to Mike and Freddy for killing it on the mic)
-Mother Nature, for blessing us with the best weather I could hope for (and a free track wash!)
-Kristin, for coming all the way up to bless us with your rendition of the Anthem

And most importantly, my amazing wife Rebecca and my boys Luke, Dylan and Andrew.  They tolerate my long nights working on this stuff, my repeated visits to the track, the merch taking over the house, and my general absence as a result of Anarchy.  Their support means more to mean than anything in the world, and I love that they’re now taking an active role in the program (except the youngest, he still has a few years before he has to work, too LOL)
I love you guys!!