Q–Where am I going/Where is the track?
A–Great Lakes Dragaway is located at 18411 1st St, Union Grove, WI 53182

Q–Where do I go when I get there?
A–Spectators stay to the left (4 lanes), Racers/Press stay in the far right lane.

Q–What’s the schedule Friday for testing?
A–Gates open at Noon.  Racing whenever track is ready (not our call).  May race as late as 11, weather depending.

Q–What’s it cost to spectate Friday?

Q–What time will we be done Friday?
A–Track closes at 11pm.  Lights Out/Quiet 30 minutes after close

Q–Will Testing/Time runs be permitted Friday?
A–Absolutely!  Many ANARCHY racers test Friday night.  Clocks off, with time slips

Q–Is the track reserved for only Anarchy racers on Friday?
A–No, anybody may pay for racer entry and make passes.  

Q–Is spectator camping allowed Friday night?
A–Yes!  Camping is $40 (1 vehicle, 4 people) and you must arrive prior to Gates close (9:00pm)

Q–Are there any special rules for spectator camping?
A–Yes!  Must camp in grass, and ONLY golf carts may operate after 11:30 “lights out”.  MUST BE QUIET AND HAVE FUNCTIONING LIGHTS, PLEASE

Q–May we grill/cookout?
A–Absolutely!  Please use caution when discarding spent charcoal!!!

Q–What do I do with my spent charcoal?
A–Allow it to cool and you may dump it in any gravel area.  NO GARBAGE CANS PLEASE!!!

Q–May we bring beverages?
A–Yes, but non-alcoholic only in accordance with Wisconsin Law  (NO GLASS!!!)

Q–Will there be any lighting over night?
A–Yes!  GLD must provide area lighting, so one tower will stay on (it’s more than enough)

Q–Will there be security overnight?

Q–Can we play music overnight?
A–Quietly, yes.  Respect the facility and your neighbors, please.

Q–May we use pit vehicles overnight?
A–Yes!  But, golf carts ONLY, please.  (Quiet!!)

Q–Are there rules for pit vehicles?
A–Yes!  5 mph in pits, and drivers must by 16 or older.  MUST have lights on please!!

Q–May we leave/return while camping overnight?
A–No.  Emergency exit provisions are provided as required by law, but any exit will not be readmitted until gates open in the morning.

Q–Can we buy Saturday admission on Friday?
A–Only if you are camping at the track, you will buy Fri/Sat when you arrive Friday

Q–Are there Friday VIP bands available?

Q–What time do the gates open Saturday?
A–8:00 am for spectators

Q–What’s is cost to spectate Saturday?

Q–When can we buy Saturday VIP bands?
A–Saturday morning

Q–How much do VIP bands cost?

Q–What do VIP bands grant us?
A–VIP grants access to the starting line area and track barrier walls (right lane/east side only)

Q–What time do the gates open on Saturday?
A–8:00am for spectators

Q–What’s the schedule for Saturday?
A–Gates 8:00; Driver’s meeting 11:30, 1st round 12:00.  Typically ends around 9:00pm

Q–What time can we access the VIP areas?
A–VIP areas will open *AFTER* the completion of the Jr/B-Class motorcycle cruise

Q–Is Grudge Racing allowed Saturday?
A–Yes! (as time allows)  Only ANARCHY participants may grudge race, after the event concludes. Regular track rules will apply.

Q–What time does the track close on Saturday?

Q–Can spectators camp Saturday night?
A–Yes!  Same AS Friday, camping costs $40 (1 Vehicle, 4 People)