Where do I begin?  We battled a late start, new unannounced venue/insurance rules (replete with an auditor on site for the event–yes, we were actually being graded), multiple rain delays, an oil down and 2 crashes (no injuries, thankfully!).  It was, in short, one hell of a long, hot day.  You might even call it Anarchy!!

First and foremost, THANK YOUs are in order.
Thank you to the racers, sponsors, fans, staff and most importantly–my family.

Leading off with the event winners:

Senior 28”:  Ryan Hendrickson (2x champ)
(presented by Chicago Industrial Equipment)
Big Tire:  Andy Vogt
(presented by the Jim Huebschen Memorial Fund)
275/28” Street:  Brandon Mork (2x champ)
(presented by Motion Raceworks)
Banger:  John Ramoun
Junior 26”:  Connor Pfaff
N²Old School:  Steven Wardlow/Dan Kroll
Old School N/A:  Andy Christensen
Heavy Hitter:  Ashley Mork
Hard Tire: Anthony “Playboy Geezy” Heffner
10.80 Index:  Danny LaForte (3x champ)
(presented by Redhorse Performance)
13.20 Index:  Juve Samson
Junior Bike:  Don Anderson

We came into the event with 165 locked in racers, and by the time 1st round **FINALLY** happened (yes, there were several issues; stay tuned for another post discussing that stuff) we had 138 racers on deck.  Taking into consideration the impact many racers have felt from the current parts availability epidemic, the racer turnout was very respectable, with several racers taking us up on the opportunity to lock in on Saturday.  Without the racers’ efforts, there would be no event for any of us.  Thank you!!

To the fans in attendance, it was a dreadfully hot, very long day.  I’m pretty sure there was betting going on as to what time we would actually start running the event.  As several folks know, there were many issues at play that caused delay after delay, but the crew pressed forward to get things rolling as quickly as possible (yes, there will be more on that in a separate post).  One upside to the new insurance rules was that the starting line was kept clean all day, which has long been the #1 complaint of the fans in the stands.  The spectators all stayed strong, through the multiple rain delays and the intense heat, all the way until the last final, well into the evening.  Your faith in us to keep the show rolling is what inspires us to make it all happen, and you got to witness some of the most exciting racing of the year.  Thank you!!

To the sponsors, without your continued support, none of this would be possible at the level we do it.  I personally can’t thank you all enough for your continued contributions to our program.

Chicago Industrial Equipment/Justin Cyrnek–Senior 28”
Jim Huebschen Memorial Fund/Tom Huebschen–Big Tire
Motion Raceworks/Doug Cook–275/28” Street
Redhorse Performance/Kevin Fitzgerald–10.80 Index
1320 Video/Kyle Loftis–13.20 Index

Redline Powertrain/Carl Burt Redmond–Heavy Hitter
JPK Performance/Joe Klescewski–275/28” Street
JPK Performance–Senior 28”
Jim Horton III–Hard Tire

No Prep Racing/Rick Dynek–Bounty on Ryan Hendrickson
Tom Huebschen–Bounty on Brandon Mork
Bombshell Graphics/Carissa Casimer–Tech Stickers
Air Force One Heating/Cooling/Jeff Olson–The Greatest RV I’ve Ever Used <3

To our staff, you get it **DONE**!!  Overcoming a mountain of obstacles throughout the day made our jobs all much more difficult and stressful than they needed to be, and that’s not even taking into consideration the intense heat throughout the day.  Through it all, the staff all kept their heads and got the job done, and I could not be more proud of them!  Thank you to each and every one who took their day to come work with us to get the event done.

Nick Frank, Technical Director
Mark Mueller, Motorcycle Coordinator
James Dodaro, Staging Lane Coordinator
Luke Eckhardt, Staging Lane Coordinator
Eric Flitch:  Old School Coordinator/Tech
Greg Hurlbutt:  Old School Coordinator/Tech

Amanda Beth Newell, Staff Manager
Steven Shrewsbury
Mike Carlson
Keith Parker
Bob Antunez
Jenny Hroma
Mariska Davis
Jennifer Davis
Michelle Lundskow
Stu Kulman
Jake Manzke
Patrick Manzke
Oscar Morgan
Owen Morgan

Matt Jewell
Nick Bianco
Doug Flucke
Scott Gabron
Tylor Jewell

Rebecca Eckhardt
Jessica Rozynek
Dylan Eckhardt

Special thanks to Nicole Nevitt (Grab-a-Lane Photography) for providing the lock-in photos, and thank you to Great Lakes Dragaway for once again providing us with the facility in which we conduct our madness.

Putting together and executing an event of this size/caliber is not a simple task, nor is it the result of the work of just one person (the staff list above illustrates that).  There are always complications, obstacles and headaches.  The stress is extreme, but we persevere and get it done.  Now, we have to focus on the next set of obstacles and determine the next step of the process that we affectionately refer to as Anarchy No Prep.

In closing, I have to thank my family for tolerating my obsession with this event.  The long days, longer nights, countless hours spent at the computer working on “something” for the event…it takes a toll on my family, but they support me through it all–even working the event in various capacities!!   Anybody that truly knows me knows that I am a family man before anything, so their support of my passion is what enables all of this.  Without that, none of this would be possible.  To Rebecca, Luke, Dylan and Andrew, I love you and thank you!

From all of us in the Anarchy No Prep family—THANK YOU!!