Anarchy No Prep, Old School 2020 Rules


Open to US Domestic cars thru 1977; exception to model years that extend to end of generation (ie: Corvette, Camaro/Firebird, etc–please ask for a ruling

BODY EXTERIOR: All body panels must be present and made of factory/reproduction steel (Exceptions: Hood may be composite (pins/locks OK–no Dzus fasteners); Bumpers may be replica composite; Fiberglass body where factory OK–ie: Vette/Cobra). Wheel well flaring/minor stretching OK  Maximum hood height: 6″ (ie: cowl/Sunoco/tear drop); lower part of hood must reasonably align (+/-1”) with top of fenders (no gigantic spacers); No forward facing scoops/intake holes unless factory production option; Tunnel ram and S/C height not restricted, but no scoop is permitted on top of carburetors/throttle bodies; Heat extractors permitted

INTERIOR: All factory-type interior required (dash, door panels, package tray, headliner, etc), (reproduction OK–no aluminum panel dashboards, reproduction clusters with modern gauges OK); Aftermarket front seats OK (must be upholstered); Driver’s seat must have proper seat belts/restraints (aftermarket OK)-  Rear seat must be present and attached in factory location; No carpeted “seat delete’’ unless factory option; No exposed sheet metal–must have full carpet

WINDOWS: All must be glass, no lexan/poly/acrylic permitted (EXCEPT: El Camino/Ranchero/Truck rear window for cage pass thru). Regulators must function as intended

CONVERTIBLE: Permitted, top must remain up during competition (except roadster); Roll bar strongly encouraged based on NHRA guidelines

LIGHTS: All factory lighting must function as intended; Aftermarket bulbs OK

HORN: Factory type horn must be present and functional; Aftermarket OK

ENGINE: Must be era appropriate, swaps OK (No late model swaps–please ask for a ruling if you’re unsure); Must have functional radiator/cooling system & catch can (water only); Must have oil retention device (diaper or NHRA spec pan); May utilize front/mid motor plates in lieu of factory type mounts; Must retain wet-sump oiling system–dry sump prohibited


INDUCTION (all new for 2020–read carefully–power adder details in next section):  



N/A–single 4500 or dual 4150, 3x2bbl ok, Weber/8×1 ok; No split carbs or inline throttle bodies permitted; Billet metering blocks/fuel bowls OK

NITROUS–single 4150-flange carburetor or approved 4150-flange EFI system (see below)

INTAKE–must be a commercially available, cast (iron or aluminum) manifold. NO cut/welded intakes permitted; NO fabricated/billet intake manifolds; Porting is allowed; 4150/4500 adapter plate OK (to utilize an existing 4500 flange manifold with 4150 carb); Tunnel ram permitted (N/A only)

EFI–must be throttle body based, self contained “visually era correct” systems (ie:  no external injectors); May be used in place of any approved 4150 application; Limited to 4150-flange, 4 barrel unit only (ie:  Sniper, Terminator, FiTech Style systems); No individual throttle bodies; No port injection of any kind permitted

POWER ADDERS: (all new for 2020, read carefully)

TURBOCHARGER–prohibited (because they ain’t old school!!)

SUPERCHARGER–limited to non-intercooled Roots style, max 10-71 standard helix (17” case length), (No High Helix, Screw, TVS, or Centrifugal superchargers permitted); Cast lower manifold required

N2O–single stage, single inlet, commercially available (“off the shelf”), spray bar style plate (2 functional spray bars max–1 fuel and 1 n2o), single 4150 carb/EFI as described above; Cross bar plates may be used, but must have “sideways” bars capped off (@plate & @solenoid); No perimeter or directed nozzle plates (ie:  Stinger, Hornet, Kraken, etc); Plate max thickness 1″; No component of plate may extend above/below the upper/lower plane of the plate itself; Custom/one-off plates not permitted; Solenoids may not be plumbed directly to plate (must have a single, visible line connecting them), Max solenoid orifice .250″ (1/4″ npt fittings threaded directly into solenoid–no bushings/reducers/adapters); Burst panels OK; Must use (one) -4 feed line from bottle to solenoid (Line ID .150 nominal); Purge lines must exit above lowest point of hood; No progressive controllers or timers allowed; Switch/button activation only; RPM window switch OK

FUEL:  Only gasoline (any) or E85 permitted.  No methanol, nitromethane or any other exotic fuel not listed is permitted; Fuel tank/cell must be located aft of the rear axle & between the frame rails (no front mount cells permitted), cells must have rollover valve and exterior venting


IGNITION–any commercially available electronic ignition permitted; Single ignition coil; Must have distributor; Crank trigger OK; Magnetos prohibited

TRACTION CONTROL–not permitted; This includes programmable ignitions with speed sensors; proof of disabling feature and removing applicable speed sensors is acceptable; vehicle may be reinspected at any time to ensure compliance. (cheating will result in DQ and ban from class–we’re here to have fun!!)

BATTERY: Required, may be relocated (non-factory trunk mount requires external shut off switch and exterior venting); No charging posts

EXHAUST: Exhaust system required with “turbo style” mufflers; Must extend to at least the rear end housing (Turndowns ok–tailpipes are better!) 

CHASSIS: Must be factory type, bracing OK; No tube frames; Minor notching for clearance OK  Bolt on front sub frames permitted (commercially available–no custom fab).

ROLL BAR/CAGE:  Encouraged; No 25.x or funny car hoops

SUSPENSION: ALL stock style (Aftermarket parts OK); OEM style forward mounting locations (reinforcements/battle boxes OK; multi-hole OK); Axle/rear control arm mounts may be adjustable/multi-hole, but must retain stock bracket location; No 4-link/ladder bars; Bolt on traction bars OK; Minor relocating of shock OK; Relocated Leaf Springs (inboard for clearance) OK; Chevy II Upper/Lower (NOT strut) bolt on front conversion OK (If you’re unsure, ask a ruling); No aftermarket “race” anti-roll bars (no straight/fabricated ARB kits); OEM style, one piece, multi-bend sway bar OK , subject to inspection; “universal” sway bar kits with weld on application specific ends OK; Bar must be mounted to axle housing (except IRS)

CHUTE: Allowed

WHEELIE BARS: Prohibited


TIRES, REAR: Max DOT drag radial 295/65R15; Max slick width 10.5 (non-w), Max slick height 30″ (may add spec tire if manufacturer gets on board); Rim screws OK; Beadlocks not permitted

–Vehicles must be plated & insured WITH proof. No temporary plates or Insurance cards. No dealer plates. VIN must match documentation (yes, we will check)

–1/4 mile

–.100 pro tree (auto, 7 second timeout)

–8 car minimum, 32 max

–No double entry into other classes

ENTRY: $100 (all due @ lock up)

PAYOUT: 80/20 (guaranteed minimum)